Our products are based on shea butter which is known to be an excellent remedy for cellulite. Rich in natural vitamins A, E and D, shea butter tones the skin and improves its elasticity. But applying shea butter products alone is not going to solve the problem of cellulite. We want to share some great anti-cellulite tips with you here!

What is Cellulite?

The term cellulite is used to describe the dimpled appearance of the skin that is often referred to as orange peel or cottage cheese effect. It is a skin condition that affects the areas with underlying fat deposits (mostly buttocks and thighs), making the skin look lumpy. As opposed to men, women are much more prone to cellulite due to the texture of their skin.  About 90 per cent of women have cellulite.

The upper layers of skin in the areas of buttocks and thighs are thinner in women than in men and women generally have more body fat in those areas. If the skin loses its elasticity, the fatty deposits push the upper layers of the skin out and cellulite bumps become visible. Additionally, in women, the cords connecting skin and muscle are different than in men. Men have thicker cords and more of them. They form a crisscross pattern that helps keep the fat in place so that it doesn’t bulge. The pattern for women’s cords is vertical and as a result, the fat deposits are not firmly kept in place. Even though cellulite is not directly related to weight, having more body fat and saggy skin and muscles can make its appearance worse.

How does cellulite develop?

Skin has several layers: epidermis – the outer layer, followed by dermis, followed by subcutaneous layer. Subcutaneous layer contains fat cell deposits. When those deposits enlarge, they start pushing on the outer layers of skin causing cellulite. Another factor to consider is weakening of the connective tissue cords in the dermis that allows for the fat cells to enlarge.

What causes cellulite?

There are multiple theories about the causes of cellulite. Some of the leading ones include:

  • Genetics
  • Usage of hormonal products
  • Poor diet
  • Lifestyle factors: inactive lifestyle, smoking, stress
  • Wearing tight clothing in the areas prone to cellulite

How to get rid of Cellulite

Women keep looking for an Anti-Cellulite Secret. They keep trying different treatments but even the costly plastic surgery procedures do not seem to solve the problem. The stubborn cellulite keeps coming back.

We developed an Innovative 15 Minute Anti-Cellulite Program that can be used by any woman. It is simple and effective! All you need is to spend 15 minutes a day to follow a few simple program steps. It’s that easy and it’s worth it!

Ola’s 15 Minute Anti-Cellulite Program has 4 components: Exercise, Massage, Skincare, and Nutrition. To achieve outstanding results in a short period of time, all four components should be used in combination and on a regular basis. If you steadily follow this regimen you will be happy to see your cellulite melt away!

  • Component 1 Exercise. Exercising is important to keep your muscles toned. Toned muscles help decrease the appearance of cellulite. Cardio exercises improve blood circulation and help burn fat. But the key is to focus on targeted exercises to make the muscles in the areas affected by cellulite stronger. Ola Beauty Care team developed a collection of highly effective targeted exercises. Choose 2 targeted exercises a day and do 15 repetitions of each exercise in sets of 3. Take brief breaks between the sets. We suggest that you rotate the exercises based on your problem areas. For example, if you have cellulite on your buttocks and your thighs, dedicate one day to the buttocks exercise and another – to the thighs exercise. Approximate time spent on exercises – 10 minutes. Wearing innovative Delfin Spa Sportswear while exercising will enhance the effectiveness of exercising. This sportswear was recently featured on Dr. Oz Show. It attributes its effectiveness to usage of bio-ceramic material that helps break down cellulite cells, increase blood circulation, and burn calories.
  • Component 2 Massage. Deep tissue massage improves blood circulation and toxin drainage. It invigorates the skin and makes it look smooth. It also helps break the stubborn fat deposits underneath the skin. Professional massage sessions can be expensive. Ola Beauty Care team is introducing an Anti-Cellulite Massager that you can use on your own. It is a deep tissue massage glove with 9 rotating stainless steel rollers. It has a comfortable grip and is easy to use. Massage the problem area for 3 minutes every day, after you shower. 
  • Component 3 Skincare. Ola Organic Anti-Cellulite Butter does not only moisturize and nourish the skin but also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite thanks to several highly effective anti-cellulite ingredients. They help decrease the appearance of cellulite by intensely hydrating the skin, invigorating it, and improving its elasticity. Apply Ola anti-cellulite butter on the problem areas twice a day (for 2 minutes at a time) after massaging them with Ola’s anti-cellulite massager.
  • Component 4 Nutrition. Once you incorporate proper nutrition into your daily regimen, it will require no time at all. It will just be your new way of thinking when you shop for food, cook it, or go out to eat.  It requires no time at all. If you incorporate anti-cellulite ideas into your daily nutrition regiment, you will start to notice the results very soon. Not only is the proper nutrition a strong weapon in our fight with cellulite but it will also give you more energy. It is important to consume foods rich in protein, omega-3 oils, and anti-oxidants. They will make your skin firmer and will improve its elasticity. Drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables with high water content.